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The matters present on (URL) are provided “AS IS”. NK Realtors does not warrants, expresses, or implies, and therefore disclaims and negates all other warrants, except those within our limitations. Be it merchandises, or fitness for any purpose, or non-infringement of intellectual property or any kind of other violations of rights. Also, NK Realtors does not provide warranties or forms any representation as far as the accuracy or the content for example the search results. There is no responsibility of NK, with all the materials on the internet or otherwise linked to NK’s web portal.

3. Limitations

Under no circumstances will NK Realtors be accountable for any physical or mental damages that may arise due to materials on NK’s official website, even in a case where an authorised person has been informed in writing or verbally.

4. Revisions and Errata

The content that appears on a official website might comprise of technology, pictures, and typography errors. NK Realtors makes changes on a timely basis. However, it is on the user to verify the information before using them for their purpose. Any harm or damage to a user should be the user’s responsibility.

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NR Realtors holds the charge and ownership to revise content on its official site as and when required, without any notice to users. When a user uses the information mentioned in the website of NK, they agree to the terms and conditions of use of our content.

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Interior Decor Services

Our association with you does not end once you buy your home. We will also help you create the interiors by connecting you with our empanelled interior designers.

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Home Loan Assistance

Choosing a home-loan can be tricky because of all the fine-print that only an expert can understand. We will help you choose a home loan on the best possible terms and conditions.

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Helping Real Estate Developers to Achieve Their Business Goals

NK RealtorsNK ResearchNK Research specializes in conducting project feasibility studies, offering valuable insights into market prospects and effective risk mitigation strategies. Leveraging our extensive 35+ years of experience, we provide you with a competitive edge by deepening your understanding of target markets, optimizing product dynamics, assessing relevant competitors, evaluating project performance, and ultimately maximizing project profitability.Read More  
NK RealtorsBusiness consultingNK Business Consulting Experts are available to aid aspiring real estate magnates in their growth journey, offering comprehensive market expertise and over 35 years of experience. Our objective is to provide developers with holistic consulting support, enabling them to enhance their skills and proficiency in this ever-competitive industry.Read More  
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